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Divorce vs Legal Separation

DIVORCE vs LEGAL SEPARATION When contemplating divorce or legal separation both parties may wonder which is better?  When a marriage is ending, one or both spouses may be wondering what the difference is between a divorce or legal separation. There are many similarities and very distinct differences between a legal separation and a divorce. When [...]

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Child Support Paralegal in Arizona

Child Support Paralegal in Arizona - Why and how do I get child support without being married? Establish Paternity first There are many reasons why a mother, father, or child might want to establish paternity. Some of the reasons are legal and others are more personal. For a child, it may be important to establish [...]

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No more Custody in Arizona?

No more custody in Arizona by Shannon Trezza Effective January 1, 2013, Custody as we know it will bear a new title.  That's right finally custody will be labeled by its definition. SOLE LEGAL DECISION MAKING VS. JOINT LEGAL DECISION MAKING.  The definition for who has custody of a child has long been a power [...]

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Divorce Petition vs. Divorce Decree

Divorce Petition- What is a divorce Petition? The Petition is the first pleading in a divorce case signed by the person filing.  The person filing is either the Husband or Wife and is called the Petitioner. The Petition is filed in the Superior Court of Arizona, in the county in which either Husband or Wife [...]

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