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Legal Decision Making (Custody) Rates::

$300 Modification/ Stipulation * plus costs

The Divorce Guy Services
Legal Decision Making (Custody)

Legal Decision Making formerly known as custody normally gets established during a divorce or legal separation. If you were not married to the other parent
however, we can prepare the legal documents to establish legal decision making. In this Petition we may also include parenting time and child support if you would
like to establish those issues for your children at the same time.

Legal Decision Making orders allow the parent requesting either joint legal decision making or sole legal decision making. Joint Legal Decision Making allows both
parents to make legal decisions for their children regarding health, education, religious and personal care decisions and is independent of the parenting time issue.

We will prepare your legal decision making documents according to your direction and if you need legal advice prior to using our services, please consult a family law attorney to answer your legal questions.


  1. Coversheet
  2. Confidential Sensitive Data Form
  3. Summons
  4. Petition to Establish Legal Decision Making
  5. Affidavit Re: Minor Children
  6. Notice Re: Right to Convert Health Insurance
  7. Notice Re: Creditors
  8. Order to Complete Parent Education Program (if required)
  1. Acceptance of Service
  2. Affidavit of Service by Certified Mail Restricted Delivery
  3. Affidavit Showing Why Service by Publication was Used
  1. Application and Entry of Default
  1. Default Order Establishing Legal Decision Making
  2. Child Support Order (if required)
  3. Parent’s Worksheet (if required)
  4. Income Withholding Order (if required)
  5. Parenting Plan (if required)

Why should I use The Divorce Guy to prepare my Petition to Establish Legal Decision Making?

Document preparationyesyes
File with the courtyesno
Serve the opposite partyyesno
Track deadlinesyesno
Provide timeline for caseyesno
Provide notice to opposite partyyesno
Face to face consultationyesno
Located in Arizonayesno
Familiar with local court rulesyesno
Office locations in Arizonayesno
Hassle-free experienceyesno